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Gyms, Studios & Exercise

Gyms, Studios & Exercise

It’s a new year and as always New Years Resolutions are a huge thing. I’ve been going through a lot over the past few months and fitness has kinda gone on the back burner for me. So since it is a new year I thought this could be the perfect opportunity get back into exercising and getting fit. I really want to feel better about myself and spend the time to do things that I really enjoy and it’s another perfect excuse to hang with friends and feel GREAT after!

On to the New Year and New me here are some of my favorite classes, studios and gyms I like to go to. I’ve been a member of ClassPass for about 2 years I actually joined because my friend was getting married and she wanted to some extra motivation to exercise. One thing that I realized after joining was not only was it a great opportunity to spend time with her but also it gave me the chance to try new classes that I’d never done before. My normal routine before joining ClassPass was just running and using the machines at the gym and I'd never even been to a barre class or spin class and now those are some of my favorite workouts.

It’s really intersting how we can get into our own routines and not always branch out to try new things so a lot of the studios and fitness classes I’ve done are because friends have wanted to go to them and I figured hmm why not try a new type of workout. Use some muscles I don’t normally use!

  • SoulCycle: Prepare your selfs for a great work out and a fun time. Perfect afterwork friend work out. As long as the teacher is great and the music is too I always feel super motivated and inspired after a class.

  • CorePower Yoga: From a super beginner yoga class (C1) to a more intense hot yoga (C2) or my favorite class the Sculpt Yoga. A combination of yoga, cardio & abs. Fingers crossed this will whip me into shape faster.

  • The Bar Method I’m honestly a huge fan of Barre such a great core and arm workout. This studio is one of my favorites and they have so many great teachers and i’m always super sore after one of these workouts.

  • Euforia Studios Hip Hop Class, GRIT or Spin choose your poison.

  • Barry’s Bootcamp This is probably one of the most difficult classes i’ve ever done! Half the time you spend running on the treadmill and then the other half on the floor.

  • Fly Wheel Great spin workout!

  • WheelHouse SF Another great spin studio

Now have fun trying some of the many studios in SF :).

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