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Breweries in The City

Breweries in The City

I’m probably one of the biggest winos you’ll meet but a few weekends ago my friends & I took to explore the beer scene of San Francisco. I'm for sure more of a wino but both of they love their beer and I love any excuse to try something new and see what SF beer has to offer. Honestly I was surprised at all the breweries or craft beer bars throughout the city. It was a perfect way to visit other areas of the city I don't tend to venture beer in hand!

Beer Stop 1:

We started our beer tour heading to Southern Pacific Brewing company! Located in the heart of the Mission district. Since I wanted to make the most of trying multiple beers I went straight for the tasting plate which gave me the opportunity to try ALL the different beers they make here. Not only do they have lots of beers & ciders but a full stocked bar and some really delicious food options. Highly recommend the Brussels sprouts and the mac and cheese but you really can't go wrong with any of the options. 


Beer Stop 2:

Next stop was heading over to a cute brewery near Doloris Park called Woods Cerveceria I sadly failed at taking any photos from here so I’m using an image from their website. Seriously such a cute place and worth checking out.

[photo credit: Woods Beer Co. Website]

[photo credit: Woods Beer Co. Website]

Beer Stop 3:

Mikkeller Bar - A great bar with a wide variety of beer options as well as delicious food options. If you’re in LA they also have one down there too. But this is I not only a great spot for a beer crawl since it’s a pretty large space but also a great happy hour spot after work if your heart desires.


Beer Stop 4:

Church Key - A small hole in the wall beer only spot in North Beach in San Francisco. Filled it is a very small space which a small variety of beer options but all very delicious. From wheats to sours there are many options for anyones beer preference.

Of course trying to go to all the breweries in the City in one day is pretty difficult so we only made it to 4 but it was still great fun and we tried some delicious beers! If you’re curious about some more options in SF/bay Area here is a map of a few additional options. It is by no means all of of them and would love any additional recommendations if you would like to comment below!


  • Cellarmark Brewing CO.

  • Thirsty Bear Brewing

  • Black Sands Brewing Company

  • Barrel Head Brewhouse

  • Fort Point Beer Company

  • The Crafty Fox Ale House

  • Almanac Beer Tap Room

  • 21st Amendment Brewery & Restaurant

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