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Solvang the Danish Town in California

Solvang the Danish Town in California

I absolutely LOVED Solvang! It felt like I'd left California and stepped into Europe. For any European lovers this is a great escape only a few hours south of San Francisco. My fiancé and I went there for my birthday weekend. He wanted to surprise me for my birthday so he told me  what to pack but wouldn't tell me where we were going. All I knew was that we were heading somewhere south of San Francisco. Once I finally got him to tell me where we were going, I got really excited about it. It was both our first times visiting and he knew I would love it since my grandmother was Danish. 

The closer we got to Solvang the more questions I asked till we finally got to the town and pulled into the Royal Copenhagen Inn. The town is super quaint and filled with lots of history. Take a stroll along the streets past the Little Mermaid Fountain to the windmills, Giant red clog & Round Tower. Pop in to some of the tourist stores, my favorite is the Christmas Store. As crazy as it might sound, the danish decorations are my favorite. I overly decorate for christmas and it was the perfect place for me to restock! In addition to all the stores, head around to some of the great the restaurant and bakeries. Most importantly, check out some of the wineries and breweries in the town. 

Here is a short list of some places to visit, stay and some good restaurants as well. Additionally,  head over to the Solvang's website for more information. 

Where to Stay:

Wine Tasting

Where to Eat

Other Activities

  • Visit the Old Mission Santa Inés & Bethania Lutheran church
  • Solvang trolley carriage company
  • OstrichLand
  • Curious about the Danish & American Culture visit some of the small museums in the town.
    • Elverhoj Museum of History & Art
    • Hans Christian Andersen

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Breweries in The City

Breweries in The City

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