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Ice Cream Museum SF

Ice Cream Museum SF


Hello Ice cream Museum SF!! After a long awaited few months, lots of instagram videos & photos of feeling the major ice cream envy. Having to wait in the online queue through the AMEX pre-sale, to finally being the day I get to adventure into the world of ice cream. 

If you have a fear of pink it might not be your place haha but I loved it. The building the museum is in was built in 1910 and was known as the Emporio Armani Boutique or before that was the Savings Union Bank. It was chosen because of the gorgeous interior and exterior which resembles the pantheon.  

Entering the vault and into the beautiful world of ice cream exploring each and every room from hanging cherries, to giant popsicals, huggable gummy bears (but really don’t touch them) & the much loved unicorn statue. 


Take a walk back through time into a classic pink diner to enjoy a Bi-rite scoop of ice cream which was so delicious. Just as a note the ice cream does change per week. Pick song on the jupe box & continue on your journey through the many rooms.


Into the next room write a word, a sentence or phrase on the wall with the lovely pink magnetic letters while you grab a choice of one of the 3 mochies inside this room. My choice was cookies and cream but the vanilla or chocolate were also good options too. 


Ready to fly on a cloud, grab cotton candy and continue your way into the cherry and cloud filled room. Continue into the gummy bear and rock candy room. Filled with lots of bright colors and the perfect spot to pose for a photo. With all the people moving threw the museum this was one of the best spots to take a photo because there were people there helping take pictures and hold back pics. 


The next room was one of the rooms I was most looking forward to! Grab a cone & hitch a ride on the magnificent white unicorn in one of the most colorful rooms of the museum. I did struggle a bit trying to get on the unicorn because it’s so tall so for short people be ready for a struggle well worth it haha. While here I went into the little room of mirrors to escape the crowd of people as everyone took pictures riding the unicorn.


Through the rock wall room & into the rock candy room. The little candy we got here was rock candy but you have to do a little dance to get some. Now we’ve all heard and seen the sprinkle pool so this was my second much anticipated instagram moment! So as we went up in a group of 6 or so we quickly took some pictures. I will say make sure you know what pictures you want to take and who’s going to take it because they give you a timelimit which would have been nice to have known before hand. 


Make sure after your quick ‘dip’ you use the spray machines to get all the excess sprinkles off and make your way to the final three swing’s of the museum and take a few pictures then don’t forget  to check the gift shop. 

Overall the museum was $40 and was good but the over crowdedness and feeling of being rushed was a bit disappointed. But i did enjoy getting to taste all the different varieties of ice cream. I am curious to know how they choose the ice cream and I did hear that some of the ice cream is donated by the different companies. However if that is true then I’d be curious to know why it should be donated because the only company that I remember the name of was Bi-Rite and that’s cus it was labeled on their cup. So it would be nice if they promoted the different ice cream companies more.

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